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Book Review – Eat Wheat

June 13, 2018

By Ann Bennett

This book is not about wheat, but about how the body lost its ability to process foods due to a toxic, impaired digestive system. Dr. John Douillard’s recovery protocol will help readers of his book to recover their ability to eat a wide variety of foods, including wheat and dairy.

NOTE: This excludes the 1% that are lactose intolerant, and/or have a true allergy to wheat or have celiac disease.

There are more than 50 million Americans who are gluten and dairy intolerant. Millions have extensive digestive problems and have manifested sensitivities to foods. In the book Eat Wheat, Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP uses ayurvedic medical principles that date back thousands of years and are backed by more than 600 scientific studies. He reveals the hidden science that shows the benefits of wheat and dairy.

His remedies are very simple, safe and have stood the test of time. He gives the reader tools to cleanse their congested lymphatic systems, which can over time, can lead to a congested liver. A congested liver can cause chemical sensitivities and allergies, food sensitivities and hypersensitivity to pollens and pollutants.

This is one of the ayurvedic remedies that he recommends. He calls it “hot sips”.  For this you boil purified water and carry it in a thermos, taking 2 to 3 sips at a time over the day. Continue this for two weeks. The remedy has a vasodilation effect that helps to increase the lymphatic system’s ability to function and improves circulation.  Hot water is said to detoxify the body better than cold water. The hot water increases the molecular activity in and around the cells that it meets. Cold water does not have the same effect.

For those with mold (fungus), or Candida overgrowth issues, or intestinal infections, he recommends a specific probiotic that detoxes the fungus or infection out of the digestive tract. I tried a locally available probiotic with the same active ingredients but with little results, so I purchased his. Important – start out with very small amounts. That was the advice I received when I contacted his staff due to my reactions to his probiotic.  The reactions were similar to when I am exposed to certain sources of EMFs. I was experiencing severe brain fog, speech loss and burning legs. I remembered that the WEEP Initiative  said that many who have EHS also have intestinal infections. When you ingest too much probiotic it overloads the detox system. So, I began using minute amounts with success.

In his book, Dr. Douillard outlines the protocol he developed to repair the digestive system. It is important to follow his steps in order.

  • Repair the intestinal lining, establish regular elimination and repopulate the gut with permanent wheat and dairy digesting microbes. (Chapter 8)
  • Repair and decongest the lymphatic system. (Chapter 9)
  • Trouble shoot and reboot every aspect of the upper digestive system, including the stomach, HCL production, the flow of bile and the production of pancreatic and duodenal enzyme.
  • Bring the blood sugar back into balance as unstable blood sugar can make you more vulnerable to grain related sugar spikes and lows. (Chapter 11)
  • Reset digestive strength and flush toxins using a short four-day cleanse. (Chapter 12)
  • Finish the digestive reboot and ensure there is proper lymphatic system drainage. He also includes an Eat Wheat workout that has numerous benefits, including increasing digestive strength and lymphatic flow. There are three levels making it doable for all levels of fitness. Part of this is the classic yoga sun salutation sequence.   (Chapter 13)
  • Stress does have a big impact on our lives, especially on those not well. This chapter addresses the impacts on our minds and emotions, which in turn affects out digestive strength, overall health and our happiness. (Chapter 12)

Although the title is Eat Wheat, this is the best book I have ever read on working with the entire digestive system. He says we have been eating wheat and dairy for thousands of years.  It is our weakened digestive systems and what the food industry has done to the food products that are the problem. He found that when many people would cut out certain foods that they would feel better only for a short time. Then they would cut out more, until they could only eat a few foods. The book shows how you can heal the body and have a healthy digestive system so you can eat a wide variety of foods again.

There is an incredible amount of information in this book.  In general, he uses very safe inexpensive remedies that are accessible to everyone. He also has food consultants on staff that you can hire for phone consultations.

Of all the books I have read so far on recovery for Environmental Illness I would put this in the top three as being the most helpful.

Eat Wheat by Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP, 2017 is one of several books he has written. He is the creator of Life Spa, the leading Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Spa in Boulder, Colorado. He is globally recognized in the natural health, Ayurvedic and sports medicine fields. There are plenty of free educational and self-help materials on his website, including podcasts and video newsletters.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. John Douillard about his Eat Wheat book and it is posted on YouTube. 26 min 15 seconds.



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